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1980 (or Why I'm Voting for John Anderson): News

Fast Company

by Carla Ching



Mar. 4 - Apr. 11, 2020

This production was halted upon opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But take my word for it: It was a magical night at the theater.


Mable Kwan is the best grifter that ever lived. She taught sons H and Francis to be the best roper and fixer around, but kept her youngest daughter, Blue, out of the family business. When Blue goes rogue and puts together the score of the decade, things don’t go according to plan and the family must decide if they can work with each other long enough to help each other. Fast Company is a globe-trotting heist adventure that looks at family, trust, and the art of the steal.

Featuring: Carolyn Hu Bradbury (Blue), Fin Coe (H), Vinh Nguyen (Francis), and Mia Park (Mable).

Design Team: Nadya Naumaan (Associate Director) Joy Ahn (scenic design), Slick Jorgensen* (lighting design), Louis Lothan (assistant lighting design), Stefani Azores-Gococo (costume design), Steve Labedz* (sound & projection design), Mara Zinky (props design), Vahishta Vafadari (vocal coach), Almanya Narula (fight choreography), AJ Sacco (magic consultant), Danielle Stack (production manager), Catherine Miller (casting director), Jackie Marschke (stage manager) & Anna Brockway (assistant stage manager).

Photos by Joel Maisonet 

Fast Company - L to R - Vinh Nguyen, Car
Fast Company - L to R - Vinh Nguyen
Fast Company - L to R - Carolyn Hu Bradb
Fast Company - L to R - Mia Park, Caroly
Fast Company - L to R -  Fin Coe, Vinh N
Fast Company - L to R - Mia Park, Fin Co
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