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The House of Yes

by Wendy MacLeod


Apr. 12 - May 2, 2010

★★★☆! “A great deal of skill and passion went into making an act of incest really an act of love. Yes, it is twisted  – but the actors, and superb direction by Kaiser Ahmed, gives one a sense that the damage was done before the twins took to playing house to a higher adult level.”

-- Scott Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat

“Kaiser Ahmed's staging is primarily an acting delivery system, and Liz Ladach-Bark and Miranda Zola deliver MacLeod's arch dialogue with bite and verve--”

-- Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

Jackie-O’ Pascal is obsessed with the 1963 Kennedy assassination, frequently re-enacting the moment of his death for her own deluded amusement. She is also madly in love with her twin brother. An acidic satire about class, incest, innocence, and mental illness The House of Yes is a disturbingly camp, theatrical experience centred on a deranged family of JFK enthusiasts.

Featuring: ​Miranda Zola, Devon Carson, Liz Ladach-Bark, Tom McGregor and Andrew Yearick.

Design Team: Mike Mroch (Scenic), Irene Servose (Costume), Mike Guidry (Lighting), James Murray (Sound)

The House of Yes
The House of Yes
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